Tell Us In.. 10 - THE RULES.


Yes even freedom of speech and your own actual opinions need rules!

Where would we be without them?  

We'd be in a massive mess...   or in prison.  

So let's check the rules before we merrily talk about the temperature of our Steak Diane, and the unique flushing system in the restaurant loo.

1) Your Tell Us In... 10 review must be 10 words or less - unlike this sentence.

2) Your Tell Us In... 10 review must be an opinion you have yourself from your own actual experience! You may not report a bad case of the runs because you THINK you may have caught it from a certain establishment when in fact it may have been down to your own lack of hygiene or too many Jaegarbombs. You may not report 'the chips being rock hard' if you have just heard this from your Aunty Sharon. You must have actually bitten in to the rock hard chips yourself to be able to factually report on them. Similarly, you may not describe the restaurants Tiramisu as heavenly, just because your girlfriend works behind the bar.  Own valid opinions based on experiencing things yourself please.

3) The Tell Us In... 10 staff will receive your reviews and then your reviews (if ok) will appear as a review on this review site.

4) Re-Read 1 and 2 and then 3 and we'll all stay away from being shackled to a cell wall / dungeon.